About Just Milked Strabane

We provide customers with an easy way to get fresh, farm-to-table whole milk, hence the name ‘Just Milked.’ Customers simply visit their local milk station and fill their reusable glass bottles with whole fresh milk from Carson’s Farm. Then, when your milk runs out, you can wash your bottle and return to fill it up again. After you have filled it up, you can pay by cash or card. Our milk is gently pasteurised non homogenised and free from preservatives.
It comes directly from our free-range grass-fed cows, and this process allows us to preserve the goodness of the milk. This makes our milk a lot healthier for you and better for the planet too. In addition to the milk, we have several milkshake syrups available for you to jazz up your milk. Alternatively, you can bring your own and add it to our milk. For milkshake syrups, we only accept cash payments, and these can be made via the Honesty Box available at each of our locations.

Facts About the Milk

Fact 1

We manage a mixed herd of 600 cows, including Jersey Cross Cows and British Friesian cows. We farm 1200 acres, so the cows have ample room to explore. We are committed to ensuring they have the best quality of life and do this by adhering to the welfare standards.

Fact 2

We use robot technology to milk our cows. The technology allows the cows to be milked when they are ready, which helps in minimising any stress or discomfort for the cows.


Fact 3

Milk is packed with nutrients such as phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium which are all necessary to maintain a healthy body. It is also a great form of protein and can help prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis. What’s more, with our fresh whole milk, you can get all of the benefits, preservative-free!


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